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Malá internetová galerie  The Very Tiny Internet Gallery

Simonne Draper, a member of the Czech Composers Society since 2016, is a musician and artist living in Prague with a strong connection to England due to her English family. Originally working as a human rights lawyer she devoted her free time to composing classical and instrumental music which she continues up till now. Her classical guitar music score called "Pieces for Guitar" was published by Editio Barenreiter in 2001. Recently, some of her compositions have received top awards in international music contests.

A composition called “Finesa” won the classical category of The Hollywood Songwriting Contest in 2015. The compositions “Dolorosa",“Canzonetta dell´Acqua” and “Canzonetta dell´Alba” were nominated for the best song in the American Songwriting Awards (classical category) in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and recently “Canzonetta Espanola" was awarded a silver medal - outstanding achievment - in the Global Music Awards in 2018. Her recent projects include cooperation with Patrik Henel and David Wurczel in a guitar trio called “Klasika Guitar Band” with a repertoire of original music, and cooperation with the pianist Jiri Beranek. You may hear some of her music and join the database of fans and supporters at: